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Make Connections, Enter the Exchange

StoneVault is a paperless document storage and exchange that connects CPAs and Financial professionals to their clients within a secure client-controlled hub, and makes critical financial documents easily deliverable and readily available.

The Process of Elimination
As a CPA, the speed of your process determines your productivity. StoneVault eliminates the time-consuming steps in your workflow and sends your efficiency through the roof.

Eliminate Costs
From client checklist to finished return, every step along the way has a cost. With StoneVault in your client's hands, you no longer have to pay for reams of paper for finished returns, or blank CDs or wasteful USB drives, and you no longer have to pay for the man hours required to package or ship all of that extra clutter to your clients

Increase Efficiency
Clients always come back at the end of tax season with requests for more copies of their returns. These hiccups are costly, disruptive and the nature of the business. But once a return is delivered in StoneVault it enters your client's possession and remains there. No more following up, no more remailing, no more feeling like the local copy center.

Eliminate Risk
Face it: sometimes ouf of need, sometimes out of convenience, consent-to-release forms fall by the wayside when a client needs a critical tax form sent to a third party. StoneVault puts consent directly in the hands of the client, and with a click, the client can share a documents without ever placing the burden of third-party delivery on the CPA.

With Stonevault, you can eliminate the unnecessary costs and unwieldly communication that plague the paper environment with a persistent system that puts control of your client's files right in your client's hands

Connect your client.

plans starting at $0/mo — see pricing

Banking in the Exchange

With your clients in StoneVault, the recovery of important financial documents and the coordination with accountants and other third parties is made easier than ever.

The typical loan officer will spend up to 10-25% of his or her time attempting to simply retrieve the information needed to keep their client's personal financial statements up to date.

Generate it
In fact, StoneVault allows its users to generate their own bank-compliant PFS from a simple web insterface, and store it right in the vault, ready to share with any relevant party at the click of a button.

Compliance made easy
With a direct line open to your client base and updated personal financial statements always close at hand, you're always prepared for the next FDIC audit. Improve your asset quality information, increase your CAMELS rating, and lower your deposition insurance premiums with StoneVault.

plans starting at $0/mo — see pricing

The Exchange

StoneVault is the way for you to get your most critical and sensitive documents to the financial professionals that you trust.

Make the Connection
Whether you were referred by a business associate or found your way here on your own, getting set up with StoneVault is quick and simple, and can be done right here. From there, all you need is an email address to add the business connection of your choice into StoneVault

Load Your Files
Once you're set up, you can start loading in your own critical financial data right away to share with your accountant, to centralize all your documents, or even just for the peace of mind of secure, unlimited storage.

Getting any of your files to the financial professional you want is just like flipping a switch. In fact, that's exactly how it works.

With StoneVault, you can avoid the hassle of storing and sending your sensitive documents with a persistent system that makes it all easier than ever before.

plans starting at $0/mo — see pricing